Friday, 3 December 2010

Making a point

I think nature has made a good point over the last few days. In the event of a severe weather disturbance, humans as they are now wouldn't adapt, they would try to just live day by day.

It would be so easy to find a way to keep the rail network open, running a reasonable service. However, the station i travel to each day isn't deemed as important as Gatwick, so the line is neglected and falls silent.

I will say though, looking out the window on tuesday night was quite eerie. We passed a train on the line, windows dark, covered by thick snow. The rails behind it were snowed over. Platforms were empty, left to acquire more snow. A few had footprints, but on the whole people were at home, or stuck in their offices, cars, or even on trains. We would have learnt how bad it can be the last two times, but the train companies who run these things probably don't deem this a worthy thing. People who pay for season cards have days which are void, but in the scheme of things this doesn't matter much.

Still, the experience gave me a bit of an insight into what we do in this sort of event...huddle at home and try and find things to do. I wonder what would happen in the ice age...

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