Saturday, 2 October 2010

Changing a Stereotype

Question- Why are geeks seen as spotty teenagers who sit in their rooms and fiddle with computer stuff all day long?

This question arose a couple of days ago, when a few forum goers took a bit of offence to the idea that maybe doing a direct port from doom to source without a graphics touchup was in someway blasphemy. Suffice to say, words were said and this question popped up in my head.

Now, i admit, i am a geek. I have a vast amount of random knowledge, i have a love of computers and computing. Yet when the word "geek" is used, this image of massive glasses and stutters and pale skin crops up. The other assumption is that a geek couldn't defend themselves. I have met people who love rpg's and games workshop who can handle themselves.

I suppose it is true for all stereotypes. I have met British people who don't drink tea, Intelligent Americans who could find Iraq on a map, even courteous white van drivers. Yet the stereotype rears it's ugly head again and again.

Then another question popped up. In a world without electricity, who would rise. The cool kid or the geek. Now, some people who read this blog from a certain forum which i had a falling out with this week, won't know what i am on about. Mainly because i am almost certain they can't read long words.

So...a brief synopsis of what could be to come.

In 2012-2013 the sun will enter a period of heightened activity. This is perfectly normal, part of it's natural cycle. The solar flares however will impact on the planets atmosphere and cause some electromagnetic disturbances. The activity will last for anywhere up to a month.

Of course, it probably won't happen to such a severe level, but it does pose quite a few interesting sociological questions. In this world sans electricity, where would our qualms lead us.

Of course, all this thought leads back into realistic games. If there is an event that could possibly feature into a game, this is a good one to think about.

So, intellectual exercise time:

In the event a solar flare hits our planet and causes an emp effect, what would the survival strategy be?

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