Thursday, 12 July 2012

Unity Teleport Code

This is a little piece of code i knocked up to handle respawns and various semi instance systems.

Shove it in a javascript file, hook it to a collider with the "is trigger" checkbox selected.  Change the cam to the character camera, and the destination to an empty gameobject placed where you want the character to go.  And done, your character should enter the collider, and exit at the destination point.

#pragma strict var destination : Transform; var cam : Camera; function Start () { } function Update () { } function OnTriggerEnter () { Teleport(); } function Teleport(){ cam.transform.position = destination.position; }

The system is being used for Frozen Skies.  I have been making videos on it for some time now.  Frozen Skies is a comglomerate of my better ideas, constantly refined into a winter survival game, where anything may kill you, and in some areas, you might accidentally kill yourself.

I am probably a few weeks away from doing a limited public test, before releasing it on the world as a very basic alpha.  This past week i have just been getting a few things straight, building a world on which people can play and implementing a save system coded by this guy:
The save and load isn't fully implemented, and won't be for some time, but players can save their character progress and inventories, and name their saves something meaningful.

As for other features, i have a day/night system, plantable trees that then grow over time, a crafting system that takes into account the players proximity to workbench objects and their upgrade level, the players inventory and the item the player has activated.  The player can build structures, from gates and fences, to nuclear missile silos.

So, that's the lot for this week. Enjoy!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Nanite Exile

This is what boredom brings...enjoy:


First was a human being. An outcast. Not because of what he had done, but because of what he had become. He was the one to sit in that chair when all hope had been lost. Tens of test subjects had been driven mad by that single injection, and yet it had worked for First. He suffered spasms and fits for them for an entire week as his body modified into a warrior. And how he was an exile, deemed "not human" and thus exempt from the new laws and rights of humankind.

Ten in all, Ten people lay back and accepted the injection. Ten in all exiled from Humanity, even though they had done so much for the planet. First was an armour designer, he designed personalised armour for each of them. Second specialised in flame weaponry, her armour blazed with heat in combat, to touch it was to burn. Fifth was a communications expert, now he fished in a pond in the outback. He had left a life of war behind him, satisfied to fish for eternity.


More next time i'm bored.

Friday, 9 December 2011


Just testing to see if you were awake.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Blast from the past

I found this today, a bit of a blast from the past, but it does show how the industry is being persecuted for showing scenes far more mild than what i have read in books.

For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past five years, the game Call of Duty contained a section where you walk through an airport killing civilians. In response to this, the British Government met in parliament to discuss this. This was in 2009.

Since then, every time there is a major incident, the first thing that will be blamed is a video game. GTA was blamed for the London Riots, never mind that the majority of young people don't have anything else to do since the government decided that youth centres were a waste of money.

The biggest risk to a developing society is ignorance. Plenty of studies done show that video gaming is bad for health, and we are made aware of this every time a child goes into school with a shotgun. Did you know, that a study made not that long ago, showed that fast paced shooters strengthened eyesight in determining greyscales. When a child walks into a school with a shotgun, think about it. They are probably not very happy at school. They are probably bullied. And their parents probably own a legal shotgun that is kept in a not very secure location.

In the case of the riots, mob mentality had a hand to play. People acting like animals when chaos reigns. But why did they begin? If they had all been playing gta at the time of the riots, don't you think that would be a better outlet for their fantasy to be an anti-hero. No, it began because the police were not visible, because young people are unemployed, because they do not feel like members of society.

This blog has descended a bit into areas i didn't want to go. But maybe in this you can see how i think. The riots were interesting in that they gave us a taste of how anarchy would reign in the case of a social breakdown. Imagine you were told that the ice age was going to arrive in a matter of days. How would you react?

Monday, 22 August 2011

I'm bored...of the zombie shooter

Recently there has been a massive influx in humans killing defenseless zombies. And i'm bored of it. There are some genuinely good zombie games, like zomboid, but most of them are simply gunning down horde after horde of the undead.

And yet the rest of the undead are left out. Where are the games where you take a team of special forces to combat the werewolves, vampires and banshees of the evil empire.

Bit of a short post for today, but the message should be clear...leave the zombies alone and try and branch out...for the sake of innovative gaming.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Response to the UK Riots

In the past few days there have been a series of riots. They have stopped being the peaceful vigil they started as and have descended into scenes of chaos and violence. And of course, the video game is constantly blamed.

Humans are violent creatures. Other animals kill for food, they fight each other for dominance, but they don't go out of their way to cause misery on others. Humankind is the only species that is as brutal and mindless as a virus. Most people can learn to harness what we have been given. We find outlets, and have been brought up to find those outlets. I am in favor of video gaming being used in this way. If someone is playing call of duty online with friends, then he is in a social environment, and, more importantly, not burning the entire stocks of a family run business that has survived everything else for 150 years.

These people are from various backgrounds, but all of them feel the need to cause pain and suffering on others. They obviously have not learnt control and are slaves to the beast which is inside us all.

But, on the other side of the coin, shop keepers have been mobilising to protect what they own. And guess what, BNP, some of them are protecting themselves from born and bred British people. The shopkeepers are of all kinds of race, but that doesn't matter, because they work here, they pay taxes here, and they employ people.

And if anyone is reading this and is involved with causing this misery, look at yourself. Look at what made Britain great then ask yourself if you are doing what Britain's are meant to do.

Britain has always been the underdog. We needed that empire in order to look big and strong. The empire was almost like Britain's mid life crisis. Men buy big flashy cars, Countries invade one another. Then, we returned to normal and started plodding away. Two world wars passed, one with largely just the uk standing up and waving it's fist at the invaders, much like an old man telling kids to get off his lawn. And in the cold war, we clung to the idea that everyone is out to get us (and in some cases that was true). As a result of that paranoia, we came up with a nuclear land mine kept warm by live chickens.

It's what i love about Britian. We are still that old man who grumbles and complains, but has a history of bravery and clever inventions that make the world sit up and realise that although we are just that small country we do have a lot of impact still. That's what saddens me about the recent events. London is the most multicultural city in the world. And for the past few nights, areas have been controlled by multicultural idiots.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Down to my Last

Recently i decided that i would stop making source maps. After this map, i will be moving onto UDK as my primary engine. But i think that as a last map, it should be something special.

I may have been known to voice a few opinions about lua in maps, and now is no different. Source is capable of handling functions, so why not use it. The plan is to implement an advanced power system, with alternate power supplies (such as rigging a battery to a door to open it).

The places used, and the themes i use come from a mixture of real sources and my own mind. If nothing else, it should be an interesting run.