Saturday, 24 March 2012

Nanite Exile

This is what boredom brings...enjoy:


First was a human being. An outcast. Not because of what he had done, but because of what he had become. He was the one to sit in that chair when all hope had been lost. Tens of test subjects had been driven mad by that single injection, and yet it had worked for First. He suffered spasms and fits for them for an entire week as his body modified into a warrior. And how he was an exile, deemed "not human" and thus exempt from the new laws and rights of humankind.

Ten in all, Ten people lay back and accepted the injection. Ten in all exiled from Humanity, even though they had done so much for the planet. First was an armour designer, he designed personalised armour for each of them. Second specialised in flame weaponry, her armour blazed with heat in combat, to touch it was to burn. Fifth was a communications expert, now he fished in a pond in the outback. He had left a life of war behind him, satisfied to fish for eternity.


More next time i'm bored.

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