Saturday, 31 July 2010

This twice weekly thing isn't working well...

And my excuse? Well, work got in the way. The problem is that i love my work way too much, and thus go in at 8am, leave at 4.30, fall asleep on the train and wake up in North Hampton (this hasn't happened yet, but it is only a matter of time).

The week has been oddly eventful, and quite interesting. The news has been the same old, but the reactions of the public joe has been curious. There was shock and dismay that our brave troops have been using that underhand tactic known as "Black Ops". Can i just point out that "Black Ops" have been used for centuries. Kings have fallen to poisened daggers, and it is a tactic that will not disappear until war become unviable and we settle our differences with sport.

Maybe that isn't such a good idea, unless it's fair and the English can make up a sport where the rules change in their favour all the time....something like F1 perhaps.

In other news, and one that i hope lots of people will be up in arms about, i am ceasing using source to make maps for the moment. Seriously, i want to see people taking to the streets, waving banners, and writing poorly spelled letters to the Daily Mirror. Maybe throw in some racial slurs too.

This is so i can spend more time playing with UDK and hopefully getting Frozen Skies off the ground. I'm starting to refine ideas now, but it is looking like nuclear weapons will be involved somewhere, and i don't mean of the sort that Fallout 3 packs. I can descibe FS in three words. Ice, age, future.

And that's phoenix out.

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