Saturday, 8 May 2010

A Changing World

Imagine a map that changes its shape. Imagine a world which tries it's hardest to kill you.

Using the same principle for the dancing platforms, i have worked out a way of implementing a really evil admin into a map. With this network of entities, i have 136 events that can be activated at random every time the world has an earthquake. The earthquake is a signal for things to come. The setup is actually rather easy, just time consuming. A logic_auto acts as a trigger, so that when the map loads the timer starts running. On a random time set via the timer options, a quake happens, shaking the world and the players. During that time an event could happen, such as a van exploding or a tunnel collapsing. In this way, people could die, or someone may be freed from someone's jail.

Just imagine the rules changing by the minute. And when the rules change, is it even the same game?

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